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Euridice Getulio Kala

Euridice Getulio Kala

Euridice Kala aka Zaituna Kala trained as a photographer at the Market Photo Workshop, Johannesburg. Recent performances and solo exhibitions include Mackandal Turns into a Butterfly: a Love potion (2018), Le Pouvoir du Dedans, La galerie Cac de Noisy-le-Sec (2018), Euridice Kala Shows and Doesn’t Tell, galerie Saint-Severin (2018), Scores of Labor (Untitled Composition i), Instituto Camoes, Maputo, Mozambique (2018), Mistake! Mistake! said the rooster…and stepped down from the duck, Lumiar Cité, Lisbon (2017), Infecting the City festival, Cape Town (2017) and Co-habitar, Casa da America Latina, Lisbon (2017). She was nominated for the SAM art Prix (2018) and the prize for contemporary talent, François Schneider Foundation (2018). Kala’s work will be included in the 4th Triennial Small-scale Sculpture, Fellbach, Germany in 2019 and she will be artist in residence at Urbane Kuenst Ruhr in Germany in 2019-2020. She is the founder and co-organiser of e.a.s.t. (Ephemeral Archival Station), a lab and platform for long-term artistic research projects, established in 2017.

Featured Work


Untitled: Still we are... ancestral people

This installation goes about constructing this ‘new’ habitat with the energy and sensibility of this same habitat being ephemeral – a representation of how space can change the way we see ourselves It reflects three principles of what I call decolonising architecture principles: round exterior (for heat, protection, and sound qualities), democratic points of view, and multiplicity of use for same spaces (reinterpretation of the ‘traditional’ identity of space). This platform/space is about re-defining questions around the African continent’s pre- and post-coloniality and how architecture and space can re-define new philosophies for life, spirit and body.

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