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Nástio Mosquito

Nástio Mosquito

Multimedia artist Nástio Mosquito is known for performances, videos, music and poetry that show an intense commitment to the open-ended potential of language.

Easily misread as a kind of world weariness, it is the extraordinary expression of an urgent desire to engage with reality at all levels.

Nástio Mosquito is interested in the political dimension of our dreams. He asks: “Who/what has power over us? How can we maximize our capacities at the service of our vision? Who/what do we care about?” While unfolding this reflection and using extensively pop culture to pursue it, he proves that shallowness is as deep as seriousness, and that to really feel alive we need to acknowledge these two realms in equal measure. Intrigued by the potential and specificities of different verbal, musical and visual forms of language, Mosquito creates engaging public experiences in which politics and entertainment become complementary aspects in a unitary artistic program.

Featured Work


No.One.Gives.A.Mosquito’s. Ass.About.Visions

An eight-minute multi-sensorial immersive installation that uses words and rhythm, it is about the dynamics between intentions and motivations.

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