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Tracy Thompson

Tracy Thompson

Tracy Naa Koshie Thompson is a Ghanaian artist who explores the latent ability of ubiquitous materials (synthetic or natural) transforming into unrecognizable, strange, new and mimicry forms through alchemical processes of dissolution and crystallization of the varied morphology of things. Her interest in plasticity has been demonstrated in earlier works with the use of Styrofoam, petrol, oil paint, poromeric leathers, polyester mesh fabrics, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics.
With Tracy Thompson’s recent works, she employs bioplastic technology in mutating ultra processed foods like indomie noodles, cream crackers, fufu etc.. A plastic evolution of foods beyond our guts and plate. Creating biomorphic bioplastic works through editing of foods by fermentation caused by microorganisms (bacteria lactobacillaes, mold and yeast.). These biomaterials are living substrates sensitive to vibrant agencies of temperature and humidity, which mutate the texture and chemical properties of the material. Like ‘photoshopping’, these ultra processed foods are re processed by cooking with ingredients such as glycerine, fermented lemon, wine vinegar, probiotics etc ; processed and transmuted by the contingencies of time, climatic changes and space.
Tracy Thompson recently participated in Rundgang 2019 annual exhibition by Stadelschule, Germany. She has also participated in large scale exhibitions organized by blaxTarlines, Kumasi: Orderly Disorderly (2017) and Cornfields in Accra (2016).

Featured Work


Woven Scales

This artwork is a biochemical mutation of ultra-processed Tropiway fufu powder and Mama’s Choice
fufu mix, which is explored as mutant biological forms that are disguised in a plasticity of new
skins. Woven Scales as a trope could reflect on the (variant) new skins
and bodies evolving from the fabric of contemporary post-production
processes that weave technologies (bio and synthetic), different cultures and identities with what global trade and food production bring.

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