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Rumanzi Canon Griffin


Both formally trained and self-taught in digital photography, videography, and video editing, Canon Rumanzi is a Kampala-based multidisciplinary artist. He was trained in Graphic design and advertising at Aptech Uganda from 2010-2012. Rumanzi actively photographs, draws, paints, writes, and records videos that he consistently publishes on social media platforms under the moniker ‘UrbanUnkindness.’ Since 2011 he has collaborated with Andre Stultiens on a platform that the duo founded in 2011 entitled, History in Progress Uganda ( As Rumanzi states about his practice, “I hold art in the highest undeniable regard as the most unbridled way of sharing the experience and aspiration of our being. I am motivated by the mysteriousness of our presence, all the possibilities!”

Featured Work


every_time; _All_these_
travellers_ (_we_are_)/
Quo_Vadis?; ALL_HANDS_



We were here. Shall we be there?” Outer air ambushes you, you breathe in, you cry, it must hurt! Oh! The PTSD1 from being born! We beat it! In life, trance! I hope you dance when you do! Epouvante de vivre, Effroi de vivre. Never me! Never You!” May tomorrow be more, today is its chaotic edge.

1 PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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