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Rehema Chachage


Rehema Chachage

Artist biography: Rehema Chachage’s practice can be viewed as a performative archive which untraditionally collects stories, rituals and other oral traditions in different media; performance, photography, video, text as well as physical installations which trace hi/stories directly tied to women in the Swahili region; and which employ written texts, oral and aural stories, melodies, and relics from several re-enacted/performed rituals as source of research.

She has a BA in Fine Art (2009) from Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town; and an MA Contemporary Art Theory (2018) from Goldsmiths, University of London. Currently she is doing her PhD in practice with the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna with her research focusing on the archive and it’s methodologies, specifically looking at ways of doing the archive differently through one’s practice as an artist.

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Rehema Chachage

Watoto wangu eeh..
Mimi mama yenu,
Sina nguvu tena,
Za kuua simba,
Simba ni mkali,
Aliua baba,
Akaua mama,
Akaua kaka,
Akaua dada,
Sasa kimbieni...

[To my children...
This is your mother,
I no longer have the strength,
To fight/kill the lion,
The lion is stong(er),
It killed (my) father,
Then it killed (my) mother,
Then it killed (my) brother
Then it killed (my) sister,
Now run...]

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