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Die Braak Pavilion

The Woodmill, Vredenburg Road, Devonvallei, Stellenbosch, South Africa

The inaugural Die Braak Pavilion is situated on the Braak, Stellenbosch’s town square. Ironically, the name means fallow land, a description often used in post-apocalyptic art and movies. If we do not care for our planet it eventually will become “Braak.” Echoing the triennial theme “Tomorrow there will be more of us”, the intervention invited participants to ultimately determine the aesthetic of the pavilion, just as our choices will determine the “tomorrow” of our planet.

The notion of ’embodied experience’, explained by architectural theorist Juhaani Pallasma as a full sensory experience in time and place, is the foundation of the pavilion. It is intended as a space to be experienced, to be interacted with and contributed to. The pavilion is a fusion between the disciplines of public art, sculpture and architecture. Considered the ‘armature’ or skeleton which keeps the conceptual notions upright and ‘grows’ throughout the triennial as people participate in its making.

The participatory process of the architectural pavilion will be documented as testimony to the potential for symbiosis between creatives and observers, the planet and the people.

Curator: Pieter Matthews

Braak Pavillion made possible by CS Property.

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